Four Creative Ways To Use White Picket Fences In Your Traditional Landscape Design

Posted on: 12 March 2015

White picket fences are known for their popularity in suburban areas, where they're used more as decorations than for privacy or security. These attractive fences are typically made from wood, though there are some vinyl models available today, and they're usually short enough that you can see over them without standing on your toes. There are three major parts of a picket fence. The support posts anchor the fence to the ground and are usually spaced about 4 - 6 feet apart. The cross pieces run horizontally from support post to support post, and the pickets themselves are vertical slats attached to the cross pieces.

If you love the look of white picket fences, consider fence installation for your landscape design. The simplest way to do so is to surround your whole yard with a picket fence. However, you can add even more excitement to your property by employing one of these creative picket fence design ideas:

Create a dog pen with a picket fence.

If you don't want to fence in your whole yard, consider fencing in just a small portion of the yard and using this as a dog play area. Your pooch can get some off-leash time, and you don't have to worry about the entirity of your yard getting torn up by a digging, rolling dog. The picket fence will keep guests (and you) from focusing on the worn grass inside the dog area. Have a cute little gate included in the fence design, so you can let your dog in and out easily. You can even place some dog toys and entertainment features, such as a dog house and doggy ramp, inside the play area.

Surround your vegetable garden.

Do you love growing vegetables, but hate that way your garden makes your whole yard look ungroomed if you neglect weeding for a while? Surrounding your vegetable garden with a picket fence solves this problem. It's also useful for keeping deer and other pests away from your plants. For the best appearance, leave some grassy space between the edge of your garden and the fence. This way, you won't have to worry about your garden soil nudging its way under the fence and getting the white paint all dirty.

Decorate your front lawn.

Since picket fences don't offer much security anyways, there's no reason to fence in your whole property. Consider running a straight line of picket fence across your front lawn -- about half way between the sidewalk and your house. You can hang baskets of flowers from the fence, or plant some flowers near its base, transforming it into a stunning focal point of your front yard landscaping. Place a gate across the walkway to your front door, or simply leave a gap in the fencing; it's up to you.

Create a lounge area in your backyard.

Do you often invite guests over for backyard barbecues or picnics? Having a separate lounge area in your backyard can make these parties even more enjoyable. Surround a circular or square section of land with a white picket fence. Create a walkway from poured concrete or even some basic concrete pavers, leading from the back door to the gate of your lounge area. Have a concrete pad poured for your grill, and add an outdoor bar if you like serving cocktails at your gatherings. Add some lounge chairs, and you'll feel like you're escaping to your own little backyard retreat.

White picket fences are quite popular, but that does not mean you have to blend in with the crowd if you include one in your landscape. Use the above ideas as inspiration to come up with your own creative picket fence designs. Your neighbors will soon envy your quaint, inviting yard.


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