Use And Reuse Cedar Fencing For A Beautiful Home Interior

Posted on: 17 March 2015

Cedar wood is one of the most popular types of wood used for fencing. This is because it is attractive as well as strong, and it has a wonderful aroma that brings the fresh smell of the forest right to your own doorstep. Cedar fencing is lovely along the perimeter of the yard, but you can take this useful wood indoors as well. Here are some ways to bring the outdoors into your home using cedar fencing. 

Toddler Proofing

You can replace some, or all, of your unattractive toddler gates with fencing made of cedar. You can have traditional toddler gates customized and constructed to your home's specifications, but you can also get creative and create some fencing of your own. 

Determine the height of the barrier you will need, and then buy cedar fencing in that size or cut down larger pieces from fencing you already have. Use a large piece of wood as a base that will keep the fence upright and steady, and then attach each piece of the fence using brackets or nailing from the bottom. Make the fence as long as you need and in any shape you need for a decorative way to keep toddlers out of places you don't want them to explore. 

  • Put a fence around your Christmas tree as protection from a toddler and as a pretty decoration. 
  • Fence off a television or other electronic devices in a play area or a family room. 
  • Keep your little one away from older children's toys and games by sectioning them off with a cedar fence.

Divide a Large Space

One large space can be made into two or more smaller areas with the use of cedar fencing. This is a great project for a playroom or a large bedroom because it maintains the beauty of a large room while creating specific areas for each child. There will be no more drawing a line down the middle of a room to decide ownership of each space. You can fence it off yourself and stop the fighting. 

This can also work for large spaces like a basement or attic where you want to use one side of the room for storage and the other side as a living area, bedroom or family room. 

Baby's Room

Cedar fencing is an adorable decoration for a baby's room with a garden theme. Paint one wall of the nursery with flowers and trees, and then attach fence posts to the wall. This creates a delightful, three dimensional look that adds a whimsical touch to a nursery. The scent of the cedar wood also adds a subtle, beautiful fragrance to the baby's space. 

Rustic Bathroom

You can reuse cedar fencing as paneling in any room of your home to give it a great county or rustic feel. Cedar wood is especially useful in the bathroom where it can add interest to the walls as well as delight your family and guests with its distinctive aroma. 

Paneling Designs points out that cedar wood is more than just beautiful. It is also used because of its durability and resistance to warping. This is a perfect benefit for a room with high moisture levels, such as a bathroom. 

There is no question that cedar wood is a popular choice for fencing because it looks great and lasts a long time. These are qualities that also make it a great option for indoor projects that are both decorative and serve a purpose. Use your imagination, click here for more info and your sense of style to find ways to bring this great outdoor look interior projects in your home. 


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