Chain Link Fencing: 3 Common Problems & What To Do About Them

Posted on: 10 April 2015

Chain link fencing is ideal for many homeowners. This fence can provide security while leaving the view unobstructed. However, there are a few common problems with chain link fencing. Fortunately, the problems can be prevented with proper installation, or corrected by retrofitting the fencing after installation.

Your dog digs underneath the fence & gets out

Problem: Some dogs are escape artists, especially if they are small and agile enough to get through tight places. Dogs are known to dig underneath fencing. It's not that they don't like being in the yard, but there's usually something attracting them and taunting them into wanting to go to the other side, like a squirrel or bunny. And, some dogs just like to run instead of being confined.

Prevent: During installation, a tension wire can be added to the bottom of the fence. The tension wire should be installed on the opposite side of the chain link mesh. This will help keep the bottom of the mesh tight, which will make it difficult for your dog to push against it enough to get out.

Correct: Retrofit an existing fence by securing the bottom tension wire with two or three horseshoe-shaped stakes impacted into the ground between each of the posts. You can make your own stakes by cutting chain link fencing truss rods to 18 inch lengths and bending them into the shape of a horseshoe.

Kids climb your fence and get into your yard

Problem: The chain mesh of this type of fencing is the perfect size to use as footing to climb the fence. Kids can easily climb these fences because they typically are not heavy enough to cause the fencing to collapse. If you surround your swimming pool with a chain link fence, you'll definitely want to prevent anyone from climbing the fence to get into your pool area.

Prevent: Depending on your local building codes, you may or may not be able to install barbed wire along the top of the fence. While this is the safest alternative to keeping people from climbing the fence, it's not very attractive. Another option, and one that won't be an eyesore, is to install privacy slats through the chain link mesh. This should make it harder for the kids to climb the fence.

Correct: Retrofit your existing fence with barbed wire and/or privacy slats. An alternative is to plant thorny bushes alongside the fencing, or train thorny vines to grow on the mesh of the fencing.

Your local zoning authority gives you a fine for the fence

Problem: Counties, cities, municipalities, and communities have zoning authority offices that handle regulations regarding fencing. Many have limitations in place regarding the height of fencing, the material the fencing is made out of, and the depth of the fencing from the property boundary lines. If you fail to meet the regulations, you could be faced with hefty fines and be required to move the fencing.

Prevent: Have a property surveyor determine exactly where your property lines are. Then, ask your zoning authority for the ordinances and regulations you need to be aware of, and to check the proposed location of your fencing before it is installed. Get the acceptance of the proposed installation in writing.

Correct: This depends on how your zoning authority wants you to correct the problem. You may be required to move the fencing, or just pay a fine. You may be required to do both. Since most chain link fencing posts are secured in the ground with concrete footings, this could be a costly change to make.  

Ask your fencing contractor what other types of common problems they tend to see, and how they can help you prevent those problems from happening to you.


The Benefits Of A Back Yard Chain Link Fence

When my family and I moved into a new house, we were all excited about the large back yard. The kids needed a place outdoors to play and I was happy because they would get some exercise. Before we could let the kids loose in the yard, we wanted to erect a fence. My husband and I talked to a fence contractor and he recommended a chain link fence. He said the fence was durable and the price was in our budget. Our kids love playing in the yard and we love to see them getting fresh air and sunshine. My name is Mona Doyle and I wanted to tell everyone about our positive experience with our chain link fence. When you read my blog, you'll learn the many benefits of this type of fence and I hope that this information will help you with your decision.