Reasons To Choose Composite Wood For Your Front Yard Picket Fence

Posted on: 15 March 2017

A picket fence is the ideal fence for your front yard. It may even be one of the few fence styles allowed for a front yard by your local codes. That's because they have spaces between the pickets so you can see through them and because they are typically much shorter than a backyard fence. Instead of blocking your yard from sight, they add a decorative touch. The only problem is the usual picket fence made from wood requires a lot of maintenance, and since the fence is in your front yard, you have to stay on top of upkeep. That's why you may want to go with a fence made from composite wood. Here's why.

Composite Wood Looks Like Real Wood

You can't tell the difference between a picket fence made of real wood and one made from composite wood. This allows you to have a traditional appearance without the upkeep required by wood. Composite wood is made from recycled plastic and wood pulp. These materials are mixed together and bonded with resin. This allows the fence to have a wood appearance while having the low maintenance requirements of plastic.

Composite Wood Never Needs Paint

When composite wood is made, dye is added to the mixture so the color is part of the pickets themselves. There is no outer layer of paint to chip and flake off. This means you never have to paint the fence. You might have to paint a traditional wood picket fence as often as every year when it is in your front yard so it doesn't turn into an eyesore. That means if you want a nice, white fence to protect your pretty flowers or mark the boundaries of your front yard, it can stay nice and white for years. All you have to do is hose dirt off it and perhaps clean off mold with a mold remover occasionally.

Composite Wood Doesn't Deteriorate

Another problem with real wood is that it decays over time. As your fence decays, the pickets become uneven and look worn. The fence may splinter and pose a danger to pets or kids. The plastic and resin components of composite fencing keep it from deteriorating. The fence won't rot even if it stands in water. It won't fall apart due to UV exposure, and termites and other bugs won't bother it. It repels bugs naturally since bugs aren't interested in plastic. Traditional wood fencing material is pressure treated to repel bugs and that could expose your kids and pets to harmful chemicals.

Another reason you may like having a composite fence is because it is made from recycled materials. No live trees have to be cut down to make the fence. It is made from leftovers like sawdust and junk plastic. So, while composite wood may not be a natural material, it doesn't harm any trees and it gives waste a purpose that keeps it out of a landfill.


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