Three Commercial Fencing Issues To Be Aware Of

Posted on: 22 March 2017

The choice to put up some kind of fence to enclose your office building is an easy one, but the process might be more involved than you think. The following issues will need to be dealt with if you want to avoid spending more money than planned and encountering additional problems.

Zoning and Permit Requirements

Before you start to imagine what your commercial fence will look like, you should probably visit your local zoning office to read the part of the zoning ordinance that applies to your building's location. If your property is zoned for business, as is likely, there will be fencing rules that could be different from the requirements in other zones. Putting up a commercial fence that doesn't adhere to the zoning guidelines will only get you in trouble; you could be asked to take it down or be made to pay costly fees.

You'll also need permission from the permits department to start work on the commercial fence. Fees are also the penalty for ignoring this step.

Neighbor Issues

While you're generally not required to, it's usually a wise idea to talk with owners of adjoining properties about what your plans are regarding the fence. One side of your fence will be facing their property, after all. You can talk to them about when the fence will be installed and the specifications for the structure so they know what to expect. You might also discuss the possibility of sharing maintenance costs, since one side of your fence will be facing them.

You might want to also ask a surveyor to investigate your property deed to ensure that any fence you'll have is within the boundaries of your legal property; avoiding this step can lead to ugly disagreements if a neighbor wants to put up their own fence.

Proper Maintenance

Getting the fence up is not where your concerns about it end. You're going to need to maintain the structure so that it continues to look presentable to the public and to be sure that it performs its function adequately. That's why, before you even get the commercial fence, you have to consider which material is best. You might have envisioned a beautiful wood fence without considering that wood has a tendency to warp and degrade as time goes on. You'll need to set money aside for replacement panels or slats and costs associated with seal-coating the surface. Vinyl or metal could be better choices for your building, as they are likely to need less attention during the years.

Erecting a fence can be easier when you're aware that you need to consider the issues above. Discuss them with a commercial fencing contractor so you're able to make decisions you can be content with.


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