Top Features To Look For In A Fence In A High-Crime Neighborhood

Posted on: 10 November 2017

When you first move into a home, you don't always know what lies ahead where criminal activity in the neighborhood is concerned. If the home you are living in is in an area where there is suddenly an uptick in the number of crimes, you will be ready to make whatever property changes you can for the safety of your household. One of those changes is adding a perimeter fence to your property. Installing a fence is one of the easiest things you can do to keep your home protected, but not every fence is designed for great security. Here is a look at some of the features to look for in a perimeter fence in a high-crime neighborhood:

Good Height

In a high-crime neighborhood, higher fences tend to be a better solution because they are physically hard to climb over. Therefore, fences with tall vertical slats are a good option. There are several tall fencing options available, including those made from aluminum, wood, and even vinyl. However, the taller fences with vertical metal poles tend to be harder for someone to get over. For an added touch of security, you can always add decorative metal points to the top of the fencing that makes it pretty dangerous for someone to try and go over the top. 

Resilient Structure

There are fences that are made mostly for decorative purposes, and then there are fences that are specifically designed for security. Those fences that are designed more for security will likely be made out of the most resilient materials. For example, a tall wooden privacy fence looks good and gives you privacy, but the wooden slats are easier to break away if someone really wants to gain access to your property. On the other hand, something like aluminum does not break or come apart as easily. 

Lockable Gate 

Having a fence around your property is nice, but it only provides real security if it is completely surrounding the property all the way around. Therefore, make sure you go with a fence that has the capability of being installed with a matching gate that will protect access points, such as your driveway or front walkway. A gate with a simple latch is not much for security, so go with a gate for your fence that actually has a security lock that only trusted individuals could open when they need to get to your home.

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