Ready To Build A Fence In Your Yard? Consider Your Dogs When Analyzing Details

Posted on: 12 December 2017

Not having a fence on your property can make it tough to own dogs. Even if they are well-trained, you may feel inclined to put them on a leash before you take them outside. When you combine the trips for getting exercise and going to the bathroom, the number can get rather high.

If you want to make it easier to own dogs in your home, you should install a fence. You should consider some important details to make sure the fence that you add is suitable for your dogs.


If you love the look of metal fences, you may have thought about adding one to your home. But, the problem with these fences is that the gaps between each picket can allow for escaping. You would have to measure out the gap length and determine whether one of your dogs can fit through. Even if they may not be able to escape, they could get their head stuck in the fence.

An ideal material to choose is vinyl or wood while going with a solid fence. Vinyl is great because it will be harder for your dogs to make noticeable scratch marks compared to a wood fence. Being solid also helps in keeping wild animals out which could end up harming your dog.


The height is an important detail to consider because you want to make sure you are able to keep your dogs in the backyard. Adding a short fence may keep them from looking outside, but they may be able to jump over or scale the fence without much trouble if it is on the short side.

If you are limited to six feet in height, you should build one at the maximum. But, when you do not have this restriction, you may want to go as tall as eight or ten feet for reliable protection.


While you are making plans to add a fence, you should consider if you want any additions. To minimize the risk of your dogs' escaping, you can install coyote rollers around the fence. Your dogs may try to jump up and get a hold of the top of the fence to pull themselves over. But, a coyote roller will prevent them from getting a grip because it will roll when pressure is applied.

Using these details to plan the fence installation will lead to a perfect fence for dogs. Contact a company like Diamond Iron LLC for more information.


The Benefits Of A Back Yard Chain Link Fence

When my family and I moved into a new house, we were all excited about the large back yard. The kids needed a place outdoors to play and I was happy because they would get some exercise. Before we could let the kids loose in the yard, we wanted to erect a fence. My husband and I talked to a fence contractor and he recommended a chain link fence. He said the fence was durable and the price was in our budget. Our kids love playing in the yard and we love to see them getting fresh air and sunshine. My name is Mona Doyle and I wanted to tell everyone about our positive experience with our chain link fence. When you read my blog, you'll learn the many benefits of this type of fence and I hope that this information will help you with your decision.