Worried About People Climbing Over Your Fence? Try These Techniques

Posted on: 21 July 2018

The purpose of installing a fence is typically to keep people out from trespassing on your property. However, people may find a way to scale it. Here are some tips that can prevent people from climbing over your fence.

Create the Illusion of Security

Sometimes you need to use security as a deterrent so that others think they will be caught. Thankfully, you do not have to invest in a high-tech security system to do this; you only need to let people think that you have. Putting up some signs to say that people are being recorded on surveillance cameras, and even going as far as installing a fake camera, can go a long way as a deterrent. It can be the simplest and most effective line of defense in some situations.

Install Hedges Along Your Fence

A fence may be easy to climb when it's just a fence on its own, but you can make it more difficult by installing landscaping in front of it. Large evergreen hedges that maintain their size all year long will work great at not allowing people to get to the fence in general. If you are going to force somebody to crawl through an uncomfortable hedge, they may decide to move on because it is too difficult.

Install Privacy Slats

If you have a chain link fence, consider having your fence company add privacy slats that are woven between the metal links of the fencing material. This will close up the gaps that people use to stick their hands and feet into, making it difficult to climb over the chain link material. In addition, these also add privacy to your fence, which you may have been lacking before.

Install Barbed Wire

Of course, you can always resort to using barbed wire to secure your fence. The actual installation of the barbed wire can be done in a couple of ways. You can either place it directly on top of the existing fence, or create a fence extension that faces outward. The benefits of the outward fence extension is that it will make it even more difficult to climb over the fence, even if the barbed wire is cut. Aside from electrifying the fence, it can be one of the strongest deterrents for preventing people from climbing over the fence.

For help with modifying your fence, work with a local fencing contractor in your area that can provide the materials and labor for you.


The Benefits Of A Back Yard Chain Link Fence

When my family and I moved into a new house, we were all excited about the large back yard. The kids needed a place outdoors to play and I was happy because they would get some exercise. Before we could let the kids loose in the yard, we wanted to erect a fence. My husband and I talked to a fence contractor and he recommended a chain link fence. He said the fence was durable and the price was in our budget. Our kids love playing in the yard and we love to see them getting fresh air and sunshine. My name is Mona Doyle and I wanted to tell everyone about our positive experience with our chain link fence. When you read my blog, you'll learn the many benefits of this type of fence and I hope that this information will help you with your decision.