What Are The Ideas For Protecting Your Property From Wildlife?

Posted on: 22 March 2019

Think about the millions of miles of fences that have been implemented by humans all across the world. Fences do everything for humanity. They create boundaries to mark property lines, serve as a form of property security, and even offer some level of aesthetic value in some cases. However, for animals that live in the wild, some fences can be problematic and even dangerous. If you want to protect the property that is dear to you from the surrounding wildlife, it is important to make fencing decisions that will not cause that wildlife any undue harm. Here are a few things to consider when picking a fence to protect your property from wildlife. 

Consider migration patterns before installing a fence. 

When animals on the ground migrate, they tend to follow familiar paths through the wilderness. If part of your property lies within that pathway that is usually taken during migration, it can completely alter the known course and patterns. For some animals, this kind of change can be detrimental to their survival, especially if a fence cuts out a large section of their path. Make sure you look for signs of migratory pathways that local wildlife takes on your property before installing a barrier fence that could disrupt their natural patterns. 

Avoid blocking access to natural food and water supplies. 

If your property joins something like a creek or natural waterway, it is best that you do not do anything that would prevent wildlife from getting to that water source. Likewise, if there are large patches of open grassland that you do not use for crops but the animals in your area rely on for grazing, it is best not to implement a fence that would completely eliminate their access. One little change like this can push things like herds of elk or deer into new areas where they may not be safe, such as urban environments. 

Steer clear of fences that can cause animals harm. 

If you have a need to protect your garden or livestock from predatory animals, you may be tempted to install a lot of barbed wire fencing or fencing with defensive mechanisms attached. As tempting as this may be to do, this form of fencing can be responsible for injuring large numbers of creatures. If you must use this form of fencing, try to use it specifically around the perimeter of livestock areas only and not around your entire property. 

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