4 Ideas to Make Wood Fencing More Durable

Posted on: 24 June 2019

If you have a wood fence installed around your home, it is going to need constant maintenance and upkeep to ensure it lasts for years. There are a lot of different options to make your fence more durable and resistant to wear. The wood fence ideas will help make your new wood fencing more durable and reduce the wear that leads to costly repairs and constant maintenance:

1. An Affordable Gravel Ground Cover at the Base of Your Wood Fence

Splash up from rain that gets on the wood fence can cause problems with stains, fungus growth and rot of the wood at the base of the fence. To prevent these problems, install a layer of gravel when you set the fence posts to improve the appearance of the fence line landscaping and prevent the fence from getting dirty and rotting when dirt splashes on it.

2. Metal Framework and Reinforcement to Make Wood Fencing Durable

Metal can be a great material to reinforce wood fencing and give it a unique looking design. First, you may want to consider simple solutions by using metal posts and bracing that is usually used with chain link fencing in areas where the fence is vulnerable to problems, such as gates and corner posts. Another option is to talk to the fencing company about using a custom metal framework to attach the wood fencing, which will make the fence stronger and give it a unique look.

3. Masonry Footings and Pillars to Make Your Wood Fencing Long-Lasting

Another option that you may want to consider giving your new fence strength is using masonry features. This can be something as simple as a masonry footing that extends about the ground elevation, or it can be a brick wall that is finished with wood for the top half of the fence. In addition, consider adding masonry pillars to give fence sections strength and support.

4. Long-Lasting Alternatives to Conventional Wood Fencing Materials

The conventional wood fencing materials that are usually used for fences include treated pine, cedar and hardwood materials. Today, there are long-lasting alternatives like tropical hardwoods and composite lumber materials that can give you a more durable fence. In addition, there are also options for vinyl fencing styles that look like wood materials.

These are some wood fence care tips to help protect your fence from wear and tear. If you are ready to start improving your fence, contact a fencing company such as Gatlin Fence Company and talk to them about helping with some of the improvements for your new fence.


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