4 Special Situations That Affect Aluminum Fence Installation

Posted on: 5 April 2023

Aluminum fences are available as solid panels, or you can find those that resemble ornate wrought iron. Even better, aluminum is durable and low maintenance. There are a few installation challenges, but they can be overcome with planning. 

1. Curves

The fencing panels come in straight lengths, so perfect curves aren't usually possible unless you spend a premium to have the panels custom-made. When possible, it's best to plan an aluminum fence layout so that there are no curves. There is a solution for when curves can't be avoided. Shorter fencing panels can be adjusted to follow a curve closely. This may mean needing more panels to complete the installation, which can add to labor costs, but it's still less expensive when compared to custom-made panels. 

2. Slopes

There are a couple of ways to handle the challenge of a slope. Racking is an option for some of the less ornamental styles of aluminum fencing as long as the slope isn't too great. This is when the top and bottom rails follow the slope while the pickets remain at a 90-degree angle to the ground. 

For certain ornate fencing styles or severe slopes, stepping is the better option. The rails remain perfectly horizontal, but they stair step up the slope. This is achieved by using taller posts on the downslope side of the panel so that both posts are level at the top. 

3. Stability

Soil stability can be an issue in some locations. Shifting, unstable soils can lead to post movement that eventually causes a leaning fence. The solution is to compact the site well before installation, and then to install deeper posts inside a reinforced concrete or gravel footing.

Frost heave can also be a concern. This is when freeze and thaw cycles push something, like a fence post, out of the ground. Installing the fence post deep enough to ensure it is below the frost line is necessary. Your installer may also use reinforced footings for the posts. 

4. Pools

Fencing around a pool poses a different type of fence installation challenge. Every municipality has specific regulations for pool fencing. A homeowner's association may also have rules that go above and beyond the municipal code. 

These regulations typically cover the minimum height of the fence, the security of the gate latch, and the spacing of the pickets. Verify any local regulations that may apply so you can choose aluminum fencing panels that will meet or exceed the rules. 

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