Tips To Pressure Wash Your Wooden Fence The Correct Way

Posted on: 30 July 2015

If you have an old and worn looking wooden fence on your property, then it may be in your best interest to replace it if you notice a great deal of rot across the surface. Rotten wood is wood that has actually decayed to the point where the cellulose inside has broken down. Many different insects and pests feed off the decayed material, and this can leave your home susceptible to infestation. If rot has not started to show up yet, then you may be able to clean the fence and protect the surface from moisture damage to keep those pesky termites away from your home.
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Termites, Bees, And Ants, Oh My! Dealing With Pesty Insects In Your Wooden Fence

Posted on: 23 June 2015

Few things can ruin a beautiful wooden fence as quickly as an insect infestation. Termites can destroy your fence posts in a few short months, stinging wood bees can make it dangerous to touch the fence, and carpenter ants leave pesky little holes in your fence while also often invading your home in search of food. If you've noticed any of these three pests in or around your fence, it's time to take action.
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Make Your Yard A Work Of Art: Explore Your Creative, Private, And Secure Fencing Options

Posted on: 29 April 2015

While privacy and security are important aspects of installing your new fence, you shouldn't overlook the aesthetic value either. Visual barriers don't have to be plain wood walls to ensure your yard stays private. If you want to turn your quest for privacy into a fun project instead of a chore, consider a few of the ways you can add privacy and give your home more personality to boot. Spruce Up Your Chain Link
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Chain Link Fencing: 3 Common Problems & What To Do About Them

Posted on: 10 April 2015

Chain link fencing is ideal for many homeowners. This fence can provide security while leaving the view unobstructed. However, there are a few common problems with chain link fencing. Fortunately, the problems can be prevented with proper installation, or corrected by retrofitting the fencing after installation. Your dog digs underneath the fence & gets out Problem: Some dogs are escape artists, especially if they are small and agile enough to get through tight places.
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